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This was the second year I participated in the contest at 144 MHz in digital mode.


Last year did I suffer some problem in the begining with a coax-relay but this year was all working fine and I could use all the contest time that I could be awake.


Some coments:

This year the was the window to US all at night in both leggs that is a challenge as single operator.

I did feel that activity from Japan, Australia and New Zeland was low on EU window.

A nice surprise to work FW5JJ easy and quickly.

I logged 126 QSO in 56 DXCC who resulted in 1 new DXCC and 6 new squares.


To sumarize a fun contest!


My rig 4x11el DK7ZB yagi H or V-pol

Power 900 W and a LNA 0,5 dB at antenna

TS-2000 with WSJT-10

FUN Cube Dongle with MAP-65



ARRL EME Contest 2014 Result




The first leg of the test started really bad and already after that I have made 3 contacts on the night at 03 local time did I experiences a huge SWR with 100W in reflection from the antenna. It was only to shut down the station and try to sleep to the morning.


The next day did I take down the antenna array to examine what could be the big trouble. After some checking did I find what was the fault. TX/RX relay did not seems to be so good any more. Lucky as I was to have one Transco relay in spare. So after a hard work with the repairing could I set up the antenna again to be ready at lunch time and make some few contacts before my moon set this first moon pass.


In the evening this day was I ready to go for It.


The good thing with the first leg was that I worked China and Crete as new DXCC.


In the second leg seem the conditions to be worse. It was also not so good times for us in EU and Asia, I was really tired when contest started at 01 local time at Saturday but the result do not look so bad when I look at it with 102 QSO. Also happy to work several new squares.


My Rig:


800W to the antenna


4 x 11 el DK7ZB 3,5 WL H and V pol


Antenna LNA 0,5 dB


TS-2000 and WSJT 9


Funcube Pro+ Dongle Linrad MAP-65



ARRL EME Contest 2013 Result