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Expanding 3 m TVRO dish F/D 0.42 to 3.8 m resulting in a new F/D of 0.32.  Improvement about 2.5 dB in Sun noise

Legs is exdended with 50 cm long ribbs 20x20/2 mm and bend into right prabolic curve. You have to over bent a lot to get the right curve

Ribbs is mounted with a 50 cm U ribb 18x18/2 mm under the dhis also bent into parabolic curve

Chiken wire 13 mm is conected to 8 mm ribbs around the dish

Choke with diameter 41 cm and deep 92 mm for a deep dish mounted 35 mm behind rim

W6PQL PA with 2 high speed fans 500-700 W out

My project to build new OWL 14 el DK7ZB antennas at spring 2015

My antenna boom who is 35 x 35 mm in 6 m of the total length of 8,8 m caused problem when elemen tholder was mounted direct on the boom, so the solution was to mount them on distances of 6 mm 

Boom with 6 m 35x35 mm in the middle plus 30x30 mm and 25 x25 mm before mounting of distances on element holders

Picture above 4 antennas completed. I have tested to mount the coax cables in 45 degrees in the middle of the construction instead of the behind.

Primary results seems good with about 5 dB sun noise and good EME sigs.

Good sites for antenna builders on VHF and UHF:





Picture belows are before adjustment of element holders with distances